About us (PropertyWeek)

The Property Week Limited, publishers of PropertyWeek.ie and of these Property Price Reports, has been collecting the details and tracking the prices (from asking to achieved) of ALL the properties that come onto the market (currently in greater Dublin) since 2002. We store this information in fully searchable, archived databases to provide you with a complete picture of the market you are researching.

Our PROPERTY PRICE REPORTS include the full details of all the properties you are researching AS WELL AS  the achieved price from the property price register.

Whether as a subscribing property professional searching the databases yourself, or as a purchaser of one of our reports, you can very quickly get fully up to speed on the details and price histories of all the relevant properties as well as the trends and activity levels in your local market. Subscribing estate agents, valuers, developers or mortgage providers can in moments produce detailed comparables for appraisals and valuations, reference material for clients, and general market research for a complete understanding of the dynamics of a particular aspect of the market.

The information we can provide you will save you massive amounts of time, help you make better property-related decisions, and (if you work in the property sector) help you win new business.


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